Getting Started

Get started

How to build and ship thoughtful Works with Nest products

Release Notes

What's new?

About the Nest API

What you need to know

User experience guide

Create a great experience

User interface guide

Design thoughtfully

Permissions Overview

How to choose permissions and write permission descriptions

Brand guide

Use the Works with Nest brand

Marketing guide

Prepare for marketing review

Manage your client review

Client review and Works with Nest products

Edit a client

Manage client metadata

Prepare for Client Review

Best Practices for building and testing your client

Register a Client

Register your client with the Nest Developer Program

How to choose a client name

Establish your identity

Away Guide

Everything you need to know about the Away state in the data model

Google I/O 2015 - Keynote (video)

Nest, Google and the Internet of Things


Descriptions of common terms used with the Nest API

ETA Guide

Everything you need to know about ETA in the data model

Smoke+CO Alarm Guide

Everything you need to know about Smoke+CO Alarms in the data model

Delete your developer account

Sorry to see you go!

Delete a client

Manage your clients

Thermostat Guide

Everything you need to know about thermostats in the data model